Local farming: A business response to economic growth-the Ghana farming system.

The celebration of Farmers in Ghana dates back to 1985 when the Day was instituted by the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC). The Day, now legally instated as a statutorily national holiday on the first Friday of every December, was set aside to show appreciation to the local farmers for working hard to revamped the Agricultural Sector following the severe drought and bush fires that ravaged the country in the early part of the 1980s.

The title, serving as the theme for the 2016 Farmers’ Day celebration was carefully chosen to bring to the fore once again the important role of the sector to the economic development and transformation of the country. It also gave the strongest indication that the Agricultural Sector is no more just for purposes of subsistence farming as it was two decades past. The sector is now a business activity being driven by business approach demanding intensive capitalization and investment. These have been the priority of successive governments over the years which has resulted into higher productivity today.

Over the years, several governments has provided farming aids and livestock to boost local farm produce; further supported and encouraged farmers’ associations such as cashew, livestock, cocobod and shea butter farmers association.

It is for such enriching reasons, and economic gains that high caliber of people including statesmen, politicians, Parliamentarians, and individuals in all class has either adopted crop farming, fish farming, livestock farming, and even gardening as a dependent business in addition to their professions.


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